"Of course this review covers some new evidence that phase separation plays a role in this process."

Ubiquitin signaling in neurodegenerative diseases: an autophagy and proteasome perspective

"Here's a piece of good news in the realm of targeting stress granules to fight cancer!"

Raloxifene prevents stress granule dissolution, impairs translational control and promotes cell death during hypoxia in glioblastoma cells

"If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a... condensate! haha :) Well I really meant if it looks like a blob and fuses..."

Cauliflower mosaic virus P6 inclusion body formation: A dynamic and intricate process

"This paper is about the biochemistry underlying the complex core-shell architecture of my favorite condensate in plants/algae."

Assembly of the algal CO 2-fixing organelle, the pyrenoid, is guided by a Rubisco-binding motif

"This could be a really useful method for anyone wanting to screen drugs that may modulate stress granules."

Rapid prediction of drug inhibition under heat stress: single-photon imaging combined with a convolutional neural network