"This review discusses how phase separation changes the context of interactions for IDPs."

Interactions by Disorder – A Matter of Context

"These authors propose that plants may use LLPS for protection during stressful situations."

Late Embryogenesis Abundant Protein-Client Protein Interactions

"These authors found a continuum of phenotypes in the mislocalization of RNA-binding proteins in MS neurons. Understanding the patterns (and how stress granules are involved) will help shed light on disease progression and severity."

Neuronal RNA-binding Protein Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis Cortex

"It looks like the isoform that phase separates does something very different than the one that doesn't (go figure). Read on to find out how."

SynGAP Isoforms Differentially Regulate Synaptic Plasticity and Dendritic Development

"Here's a strategy to create hierarchical protocells using phase separation and might give us insights into what early life looked like."

Fission and Internal Fusion of Protocell With Membraneless “Organelles” Formed by Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation

"It's cool that the authors think "function evolved from phase separation" of the most primal biomolecules."

Primordial Emergence of a Nucleic Acid-Binding Protein via Phase Separation and Statistical Ornithine-To-Arginine Conversion

"Here's a close look at how nucleoli restructure under parasitic attack."

Leukocyte Nucleolus and Anisakis pegreffii-When Falling Apart Means Falling in Place

"This review collects various lines of evidence that suggest condensates containing proteasomal components form under stress."

Multi-Step Ubiquitin Decoding Mechanism for Proteasomal Degradation

"Here's a new method to look at Arg methylation, and the authors demonstrated an enrichment of it in LLPS."

Transcriptomic and proteomic regulation through abundant, dynamic, and independent arginine methylation by Type I and Type II PRMTs