"Of course this review covers some new evidence that phase separation plays a role in this process."

Ubiquitin signaling in neurodegenerative diseases: an autophagy and proteasome perspective

"If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a... condensate! haha :) Well I really meant if it looks like a blob and fuses..."

Cauliflower mosaic virus P6 inclusion body formation: A dynamic and intricate process

"This paper is about the biochemistry underlying the complex core-shell architecture of my favorite condensate in plants/algae."

Assembly of the algal CO 2-fixing organelle, the pyrenoid, is guided by a Rubisco-binding motif

"This could be a really useful method for anyone wanting to screen drugs that may modulate stress granules."

Rapid prediction of drug inhibition under heat stress: single-photon imaging combined with a convolutional neural network

"Here's a note to anyone studying condensate-loving IDPs: when highly charged species are involved, concentration can drastically change the kinetics of interactions."

Polyelectrolyte interactions enable rapid association and dissociation in high-affinity disordered protein complexes

"It looks like low complexity sequences and non-coding RNA are important for condensing chromosomes. I wonder if interactions are important in chromatin condensates?"

RNA nucleation by MSL2 induces selective X chromosome compartmentalization

"This paper is about a different kind of phase behavior involved in the communication between signaling clusters."

Spatially compartmentalized phase regulation of a Ca 2+-cAMP-PKA oscillatory circuit

"Here's a biochemical breakdown of the protein/RNA interactions underlying the formation of stress granules. I wonder if one can glean some key insights about how these interactions also affect phase separation in general?"

RNA partitioning into stress granules is based on the summation of multiple interactions