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CELLULAR MATTERS Conference: Toward an understanding of properties, functions & applications of bio-condensates

Date June 4 - June 7
Website https://www.cellular-matters-conf2023.ethz.ch
Organizers ETH, Zurich
Venue Monte Verità Congress Center
Strada Collina 84
Ascona, (TI) 6612 Switzerland

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This meeting is meant to function as a unifying event of the emerging and rapidly expanding field of biomolecular condensates, meant to bring together scientists coming from different disciplines, but looking for synergistic ways to tackle the challenges this interdisciplinary field presents. In this respect, the meeting will contribute to defining a common vocabulary and addressing the key rising questions. It will be a unique occasion to reflect and together discuss the future of the field. It will also serve to identify and address the possible points of contention, allowing the participants to obtain a clearer view of the problems that need to be addressed and the conceptual framework in which they need to be considered and contribute to set the tone of the future research especially for the young scientists that will attend. As a natural consequence, we expect numerous and fruitful collaborations to emerge from this event.

To facilitate interactions the number of participants is limited to 80 and everybody has to contribute either through an oral or poster presentation. Pre-registration and abstract submission are mandatory. We encourage a diverse participation both at the senior and junior levels.


  • Cyto-​ and nucleo-​plasmic structure/function relationship: physical and biochemical causes of bio-​condensate diversity
  • Effect of cytoplasmic parameters (crowding, pH, temperature, dynamics, gradients, density, viscosity, size, etc.) on bio-​condensates
  • The bio-​condensate interface and bio-​condensates at an interface
  • Mutual interactions and effects of bio-​condensates
  • How to interfere with cells using bio-​condensates
  • (Potential) Applications of bio-​condensates as materials

Deadline: March 1st, 2023 at 23:59 (CET).