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EMBO Workshop: From molecules to organisms: An integrative view of cell biology (2023)

Date January 10, 2023 - January 15, 2023
Website https://meetings.embo.org/event/21-molecules-organisms
Organizers European Molecular Biology Organization
Venue Kultur- und Seminarzentrum Schloss Goldegg
Hofmark 1
Goldegg, 5622 Austria

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About the Workshop

This workshop follows the enthusiastic response to the conference organized in 2017. It responds to the need to revisit the structural and functional organization of cells in order incorporate and address two aspects:

  1. New emerging concepts in membrane traffic: The study of membrane compartments has traditionally focused on single organelles or pathways. Yet, new insights into inter- organelle communication, membrane-less compartments, organelle-dependent regulation of metabolism, physical principles such as self-organization and mechanics in membrane structure and function, prompt us to pursue a more integrated view of sub-cellular organization.
  2. Integrate membrane traffic and membrane biology to a higher level of organization, such as tissues and organisms. Cell biology has to go beyond cells in culture and contribute to the analysis of multi-cellular organisms, during development and in the adult. In this workshop, we aim to gain an integrative and multi-scale perspective of the molecular mechanisms from the sub-cellular to tissue/organism levels. We propose to organize this innovative workshop that can help addressing these challenges. It will therefore focus on new research advances on cytoplasm organization both at the molecular level and subcellular level and bridge it to adjacent fields, such as disease, physics, metabolism and tissue development.