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FASEB Science Research Conference–The Nuclear Bodies Conference: Hubs of Genomic Activity (2022)

This FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) is the only conference focused exclusively on nuclear bodies. This inaugural meeting will focus on the most recent developments linking the biology of nuclear bodies to cancer and other disease states.

This conference aims to unite distinguished researchers as well as new investigators from different fields – such as cell biology, genomics, biophysics, and cancer biology – to foster interdisciplinary synergism, crosstalk, and future collaborations.

New findings on the biological roles of well-known nuclear entities such as nucleoli, Cajal bodies, and nuclear speckles:

  • Nucleolus and gene control
  • Nuclear bodies and the control of RNA metabolism
  • Nuclear bodies and gene control

Emerging concepts in the study of nuclear bodies:

  • Phase separation
  • Nuclear bodies involved in cancer and neurodegeneration

New biological tools developed by researchers in these areas:

  • Genomics tools
  • Cancer therapeutics