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IDPSeminars: Shivprasad Patil & Ali Miserez — Apr 6

IDPSeminars is a monthly virtual seminar series that is centered around intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs). Given the interdisciplinary nature of the field, our goal is to attract speakers from all walks of research. We hope to provide a regular forum in which an interdisciplinary group of scientists from around the world can present their work to a broad audience while minimizing their carbon footprint.

IDPSeminars Apr 6

This seminar will be held on Thursday at various times (depending on your timezone):

Los Angeles: 7:00 AM – Chicago: 9:00 AM – New York: 10:00 AM

London: 3:00 PM – Paris: 4:00 PM – Moscow: 5:00 PM

Delhi: 7:30 PM – Beijing: 10:00 PM – Sydney: 12:00 AM (Friday)