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Lucia Strader on Condensation to Attenuate Transcriptional Activity in Plants

Event Date November 10, 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am - EST
Organizers Dewpoint Condensates.com
Location Online

Plants are born (ie, germinate) with a simplified body plan. All major organs are patterned post-germination, so that the final form of the plant can be highly tuned to the environment in which the plant is growing. The plant hormone auxin interprets each of these developmental and environmental cues into the appropriate growth output; however, how a single hormone can correctly interpret all these cues at the correct location and at the correct time is not fully understood. The Strader Lab has uncovered condensation of the AUXIN RESPONSE FACTORs, a key component of the auxin signal transduction pathway, as a mechanism to impose spatio-temporal control of auxin response. This condensation drives the plant transcriptional landscape and plant development.

Talk by:
Lucia Strader
Duke University

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