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Molecular Bases of Proteinopathies: Cong Liu

2020-2021 virtual meeting of talks, activities, and discussion on “protein multimerization: the bad and the good”

The goal of this event is to bring scientific leaders working in the field of ‘Amyloid Research’ together from across the globe

The ZOOMinar series on “Molecular Basis of Proteinopathies” will cover recent breakthroughs in this exciting multidisciplinary area of research from experts in the field. When conferences have been canceled around the world, these virtual presentations and discussions will provide unique opportunities for everyone to learn about recent findings, new topics and cutting-edge techniques. The live presentations are on Tuesdays (August 2020) and Saturdays (from September 2020) from 10:00 AM to ~11:00 AM (EDT). This virtual seminar includes a ~35 minutes presentation and ~15 minutes for questions and answers. We expect that there will be about 450 to 500 researchers participating from all over the world. The virtual presentations will be recorded and made available in a YouTube channel.


November 14, 2020

Cong Liu

Principal Investigator
Interdisciplinary Research Center on Biology & Chemistry
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
Chinese Academy of Sciences

“How chaperones regulate protein phase transition and its role in neurodegenerative disease”