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PhasAGE Training School “Protein aggregation, intrinsic disorder and phase separation in the era of machine learning”

The main goal of this Training School is to provide multidisciplinary training on computational and experimental tools to acquire comprehensive knowledge of integrative methodologies for studying intrinsically disordered proteins and protein aggregation in cell biology and disease. The program integrate practical sessions with lectures by leading experts in the field. Trainees will work in groups and receive hands-on training in protein aggregation concepts and methodologies using a disease-causing protein as a model. The program also includes career development talks on open science, research integrity, and alternative career paths in scientific research to help early-stage researchers maximize their professional potential.

The event is co-organized by the H2020-funded Twinning project PhasAGE (GA 952334), the H2020-funded MSCA project IDPfun (GA 778247) and the COST Action “Non-globular proteins in the era of machine learning – ML4NGP” (CA21160) and will take place at the PhasAGE coordinating institution, in Porto (Portugal).