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This is a bi-weekly Protein Folding and Dynamics Webinar, organized by Hagen Hofmann, Ben Schuler and Gilad Haran


Rohit Pappu

Department of Biomedical Engineering, Center for Science & Engineering of Living Systems, Washington University in St. Louis

Emergent structures, functions, and phase behavior driven by charge-rich disordered proteins

This talk will focus on new findings that have emerged from our studies of disordered proteins that are enriched in ionizable residues. Features such as differences in Lys vs. Arg contents, charge regulation of Glu-rich regions, the interplay between acidic groups and polar moieties, and the blocky patterning of Lys / Glu rich regions give rise to rich complexities across multiple length scales. The talk will highlight physical principles underlying the evolutionarily conserved sequence features of charge-rich regions, their roles in dictating the functions of polymerizing enzymes, the regulation of thermoresponsive phase transitions, and in determining the compositional specificity of biomolecular condensates.


Monday 12.07.

8:00 PDT – 11:00 EDT – 15:00 UTC

16:00 BST – 17:00 CEST – 18:00 IDT