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RNA Granules 2023

Date October 9 - October 13
Website https://www.eventsforce.net/biochemsoc/frontend/reg/thome.csp?pageID=77482&ef_sel_menu=991&eventID=155
Organizers Biochemical Society
Venue De Vere Horsley Estate
Ockham Rd S
East Horsley, Leatherhead KT24 6DT United Kingdom

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The assembly of biocondensates has recently emerged as a fundamental paradigm that controls the localisation and function of macromolecules, playing important roles during viral infections, cancer, or neurodegeneration. While seminal studies have helped us to better understand the cellular functions of biocondensates, how they assemble, or biophysical events driving phase separation, many fundamental questions remain unanswered.

To achieve a giant leap forward in our understanding of phase separation in biology, we will bring together in interdisciplinary spirit scientists applying a wide spectrum of approaches: i.e. cell biologists dissecting biocondensates function in diseases models, chemists/biophysicists studying principles underpinning biocondensates assembly, or mathematicians modelling phase separation.

This meeting will act as an excellent learning and career development forum for researchers at multiple stages of their careers. Given the field is still in its infancy, connections made today will drive excellent science for years to come

Topics will include:

  • Gene expression and regulation
  • Organelles and Localization
  • Molecular interactions and functions
  • Biocondensates and diseases
  • Chemical Biology
  • Phase separation