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VIRTUAL–EMBO Workshop: Designing functional biomolecular assemblies: Beyond biology

Proteins and peptides are the most versatile natural polymers that underlay cellular functions and structures. While nature only uses a fraction of the available sequence and structural space, the vast remainder is now becoming accessible by employing innovative design strategies, advanced characterization techniques and computational approaches that uncover rules and guiding principles for the design of structures with high complexity. Designed assemblies are not only able to provide structures and functionalities that have not evolved in nature but may also provide insights into the important natural phenomena, such as cellular membraneless compartments.

Given the remarkable recent progress in the design and engineering of protein-, peptide- as well as polynucleotide-based functional nanostructures and materials, this workshop aims to bring together leading scientists in several fields, provide an overview and stimulate discussion of the current state of the art and directions of designed functional biomolecular assemblies.

This EMBO Workshop will cover a set of themes, including recently emerging ones:

(i) functional protein assemblies using advanced computational tools;

(ii) versatile multi-component assemblies that provide expanded complexity and functionality;

(iii) dynamic assemblies formed by ordered/disordered building blocks; (iv) active and adaptive systems with life-like features;

(v) sustainable materials for diverse applications.