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Zoom webinar on Liquid-liquid Phase Transition of Intrinsically Disordered RNA-binding Proteins: Dr. Priya Banerjee

Biomolecular condensates are an emerging class of intracellular membrane-less organelles and are primarily formed by liquid-liquid phase separation of multivalent intrinsically disordered protein-RNA complexes. In this presentation, I will discuss our latest findings on the mechanism, dynamics, and topologies of cellular phase-separated condensates using appropriate model systems. A particular focus will be placed on deciphering the emergent structure and dynamics of biomolecular condensates by the application of correlative fluorescence microscopy and optical


Priya R. Banerjee, PhD
Department of Physics, University at Buffalo, Buffalo NY 14260, USA
Email: prbanerj@buffalo.edu

Costs: Free of charge
Duration: 45 minutes
Language: English