Postdoctoral Biochemist in condensate biology

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We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow to join the Leung Lab at the Johns Hopkins University. We will dissect the biochemistry of biomolecular condensate regulation by poly(ADP-ribose).

Poly(ADP-ribose) is an RNA-like polymer and therapeutically important protein modification as evidenced by the FDA approval of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor for treating cancers. Here, we will investigate the condensate biology, specifically RNA-enriched granules, in viral infection and/or neurodegeneration. Our ultimate goal is to translate basic scientific discovery to biomarkers or therapeutic targets.

Over the years, our team has developed novel techniques to investigate poly(ADP-ribose) and discovered its roles in controlling condensate formation, disassembly, and composition. Therefore, these insights provide us a unique edge in exploring the science and developing the candidate’s own research program for their future independent career.

The ideal candidate should have prior experiences in protein or nucleic acid biochemistry. Experiences with post-translational modifications, structural biology, proteomics, biophysics, single-molecule studies, or relevant disease biology are a plus.

Relevant Publications:

Leung AKL. Poly(ADP-ribose): A Dynamic Trigger for Biomolecular Condensate Formation. Trends Cell Biol. 2020 May;30(5):370-383.

Ando Y, Elkayam E, McPherson RL, Dasovich M, Cheng SJ, Voorneveld J, Filippov DV, Ong SE, Joshua-Tor L, Leung AKL. ELTA: Enzymatic Labeling of Terminal ADP-Ribose. Mol Cell. 2019 Feb 21;73(4):845-856.e5.

Dasovich M, Beckett MQ, Bailey S, Ong SE, Greenberg MM*, Leung AKL*. Identifying Poly(ADP-ribose)-Binding Proteins with Photoaffinity-Based Proteomics. J Am Chem Soc. 2021 Mar 3;143(8):3037-3042.

Jayabalan AK, Adivarahan S, Koppula A, Abraham R, Batish M, Zenklusen D, Griffin DE, Leung AKL. Stress granule formation, disassembly, and composition are regulated by alphavirus ADP-ribosylhydrolase activity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2021 Feb 9;118(6):e2021719118.

Rhine K^, Dasovich M^, Yoniles J^, Badiee M, Skanchy S, Ganser L, Fare C, Shorter J, Leung AKL*, Myong S*. Poly(ADP-Ribose) Drives Condensation of FUS Via a Transient Interaction. Provisionally Accepted, Mol Cell [Preprint] (^co-first, *co-corresponding)

Interested candidates should send a cover letter briefly describing their career goals/research interests (0.5 page) and accomplishments (0.5 page). The candidate’s CV and contact information for 3 references should also be provided for consideration.

About us:
We are a team from diverse backgrounds, with expertise in molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, proteomics, chemistry, and informatics.

The Johns Hopkins University provides an excellent and stimulating scientific environment for collaboration and exchange of ideas to pursue our research goals.

We enjoy a rich diversity of  research programs surrounding us in the following departments that apply basic molecular, cellular and biochemical approaches to fundamental issues in public health and medicine:

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