Postdoctoral Researcher — Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in Cancer 

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The laboratory of Dr. Huaiying Zhang (Lab Page: in the Department of Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is looking for highly motivated candidates for a postdoctoral position. The major focus of the lab is to dissect how liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) organizes biochemistry in cells by combining traditional molecular and cell biological assays with novel optogenetic manipulation, quantitative biophysical measurements and theoretical modeling. This postdoctoral position intends to elucidate how LLPS of proteins and nucleic acids contributes to telomere maintenance in cancer cells. This position provides great opportunities for collaboration across chemistry, physics, cell biology and cancer biology. This is particularly suitable for someone who seeks to build an interdisciplinary research laboratory after the postdoctoral training


A PhD in a STEM field is required at the time of hiring. Candidates with expertise in cell biology, cancer biology, RNA biology, biochemistry, engineering or biophysics are welcome to apply.


Apply by email to Dr. Huaiying Zhang ( with a CV, a cover letter, and contact information for three references.

Representative publications

H. Zhang, M. Liu, R. Dilley, D. M. Chenoweth, R. A. Greenberg, M. A. Lampson, Liquid condensation drives telomere clustering during ALT, BioRxiv, 2019.

H. Zhang, C. Aonbangkhen, E Tarasovetc, E. R. Ballister, D. M. Chenoweth, M. A. Lampson, Optogenetic control of kinetochore function. Nature Chemical Biology, 2017, 13(10):1096-1101.

H. Zhang, S.  Elbaum-Garfinkle, E. M.  Langdon, N. Taylor, P. Occhipinti, A. A. Bridges, C. P. Brangwynne, and A. S. Gladfelter. RNA controls polyQ protein phase transitions. Molecular Cell, 2015, 60:220-230.


Carnegie Mellon University is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to increasing the diversity of its community on a range of intellectual and cultural dimensions. Carnegie Mellon welcomes applicants who will contribute to this diversity through their research, teaching and service, including women, members of minority groups, protected veterans, individuals with disabilities, and others who would contribute in unique ways.

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