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We are always looking for motivated Master and PhD students to join our group.

Our group develops and applies novel mass spectrometric and proteomic approaches together with integrated modelling to quantitatively study the content, assembly, interactions and dynamics of large protein complexes. A main focus of the group is the application and development of novel cross-linking based hybrid technologies for the analysis of intact large protein assemblies.

Interested candidates are very welcome to contact Florian Stengel (Florian.Stengel (at) for available projects and current openings.

Doctoral researcher/PhD position available

For our group at the Department of Biology at the University of Konstanz we are looking for a doctoral researcher with a molecular biology or biochemistry background.

Protein complexes are at the center of virtually all biological processes within a cell. Deciphering their composition, architecture and assembly is key to understand their function. So far it has been very difficult to structurally study the assembly of protein complexes in cells, mainly because the required technology has not been readily available. For this project, mass spectrometry and structural proteomics will be integrated with more traditional biochemical approaches. This hybrid approach will be used to elucidate the architecture and structural dynamics of core components of the signal transduction scaffold.

The University of Konstanz is consistently ranked among the best universities in the world and is an “Elite University” as part of the excellence initiative of the German Government. There is also the possibility to participate in the Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology (KoRS-CB).

Please send your application including a CV, references, and a short letter of motivation by Email to Florian.Stengel (at) 

To apply for this job please visit Florian.Stengel[at]

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