C19orf66 Is an Interferon-Induced Inhibitor of HCV Replication That Restricts Formation of the Viral Replication Organelle

Authors Volker Kinast , Agnieszka Plociennikowska , Anggakusuma , Thilo Bracht , Daniel Todt , Richard Jp Brown , Tujana Boldanova , Yudi Zhang , Yannick Brueggemann , Martina Friesland , Michael Engelmann , Gabrielle Vieyres , Ruth Broering , Florian W R Vondran , Markus H Heim , Barbara Sitek , Ralf Bartenschlager , Thomas Pietschmann , Eike Steinmann 
Details Volker Kinast et al; J Hepatol; 2020;
DOI 10.1016/j.jhep.2020.03.047
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Jill Bouchard
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This study finds “a stress granule protein-dominated interactome of C19orf66” in liver cells infected with hepatitis C, which helps cells reduce viral replication.