Flanking Regions Determine the Structure of the Poly-Glutamine in Huntingtin Through Mechanisms Common Among Glutamine-Rich Human Proteins

Authors Annika Urbanek , Matija Popovic , Anna Morató , Alejandro Estaña , Carlos A Elena-Real , Pablo Mier , Aurélie Fournet , Frédéric Allemand , Stephane Delbecq , Miguel A Andrade-Navarro , Juan Cortés , Nathalie Sibille , Pau Bernadó 
Details Annika Urbanek et al; Structure; 2020;
DOI 10.1016/j.str.2020.04.008
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Jill Bouchard
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It’s interesting that many Poly-Q containing proteins have also evolved nearby regions to modulate aggregation… This seems like a beautiful example of self-regulation.