In-cell architecture of the nuclear pore and snapshots of its turnover

Authors Matteo Allegretti, Christian E Zimmerli, Vasileios Rantos, Florian Wilfling, Paolo Ronchi, Herman K H Fung, Chia-Wei Lee, Wim Hagen, Beata Turoňová, Kai Karius, Mandy Börmel, Xiaojie Zhang, Christoph W Müller, Yannick Schwab, Julia Mahamid, Boris Pfander, Jan Kosinski, Martin Beck
DetailsMatteo Allegretti et al; Nature; 2020;
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Jill Bouchard
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Is your favorite condensate the NPC? If so, here’s a treat for you. If not, this study highlights some methods that could be very helpful to study the structure-function relationships within other condensates.