NIH institutes team up to fund new tools for studying condensates in neuroscience

Jill Bouchard

Editor in Chief,

Published February 19, 2021

The first quarter is turning out to be a good season for government funding of condensate science. The NIH last month announced another funding opportunity, after unveiling its first and second grants in the field last February and March, respectively. Those opportunities came out of the National Institute on Drug Abuse; this time, NIDA is joined by several other institutes under the umbrella of the NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research framework. The institutes are offering R21 exploratory funding “to support the development of innovative tools and/or technologies to monitor or manipulate biomolecular condensates (BMCs) in vivo and enable investigators to adopt these tools to answer outstanding questions in basic neuroscience.”

This grant opportunity is worth “up to an estimated total of $1.2M to fund 3-6 awards,” which will provide 2 years of funding starting July 2022. Applications are due between August 15 and September 15 of this year.

For more information, see the request for applications.

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