Synaptic Density Marker SV2A Is Reduced in Schizophrenia Patients and Unaffected by Antipsychotics in Rats

Authors Ellis Chika Onwordi    , Els F Halff , Thomas Whitehurst   , Ayla Mansur , Marie-Caroline Cotel , Lisa Wells , Hannah Creeney , David Bonsall , Maria Rogdaki    , Ekaterina Shatalina  , Tiago Reis Marques   , Eugenii A Rabiner  , Roger N Gunn  , Sridhar Natesan  , Anthony C Vernon  , Oliver D Howes    
Details Ellis Chika Onwordi et al; Nat Commun; 2020
DOI 10.1038/s41467-019-14122-0
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