The BR-body proteome contains a complex network of protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions

Authors Vidhyadhar Nandana , Imalka W Rathnayaka-Mudiyanselage , Nisansala S Muthunayake , Ali Hatami , C Bruce Mousseau , Luis A Ortiz-Rodríguez , Jamuna Vaishnav , Michael Collins , Alisa Gega , Kaveendya S Mallikaarachchi , Hadi Yassine , Aishwarya Ghosh , Julie S Biteen , Yingxi Zhu , Matthew M Champion , W Seth Childers , Jared M Schrader 
Details Vidhyadhar Nandana et al; Cell Rep; 2023;
DOI 10.1016/j.celrep.2023.113229
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