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WNK kinases sense molecular crowding and rescue cell volume via phase separation

Authors Cary R Boyd-Shiwarski , Daniel J Shiwarski , Shawn E Griffiths , Rebecca T Beacham , Logan Norrell , Daryl E Morrison , Jun Wang , Jacob Mann , William Tennant , Eric N Anderson , Jonathan Franks , Michael Calderon , Kelly A Connolly , Muhammad Umar Cheema , Claire J Weaver , Lubika J Nkashama , Claire C Weckerly , Katherine E Querry , Udai Bhan Pandey , Christopher J Donnelly , Dandan Sun , Aylin R Rodan , Arohan R Subramanya 
Details Cary R Boyd-Shiwarski et al; Cell; 2022;
DOI 10.1016/j.cell.2022.09.042
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