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VIRTUAL: Keystone Symposia–Epigenetics, Chromatin Architecture, Development and Disease

Event Date May 24, 2021
9:00 am - 1:00 pm - EDT
Website https://virtual.keystonesymposia.org/ks/live/861/page/9121
Organizers Keystone Symposia
Location Online

The mechanisms underlying nucleosome- and chromatin-based functional control of genomes are studied very broadly across biological systems and at an increasing rate. Moreover, the three-dimensional (3D) organization is an important component in the regulation of gene expression, with more recent implications emerging for DNA replication and repair. Additionally, the research being conducted in this field is important as it ultimately impacts and informs basic biology, as well as also contributing to a translational importance in human disease.The conference will showcase the interdisciplinary nature of the field, with talks combining state-of-the-art super resolution imaging, sophisticated genetics and single cell regulatory genomics focusing on chromatin mechanisms, including genome topology, DNA and RNA modifications, histone modifications, ATP-dependent nucleosome remodeling complexes, histone variants, chaperones and others.