Dominique Weil on mRNA Storage in Human P-bodies

Professor Dominique Weil from the Sorbonne’s Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine delivered a tour de force lecture for Dewpoint on April 15th as part of our series of Kitchen Table Talks.  Dominique studies the roles played by various types of RNA in the behavior of membrane-less ribonucleoprotein granules which form by liquid-liquid phase separation. 

Dominique discussed her recent work on the role of mRNA storage in human P-bodies. We enjoyed her talk immensely and hope you do too.

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Mark Murcko (00:00:00):
Dominique, we’re very happy to have you coming to us from Paris this morning, and for those who don’t already know, which is probably nobody on the Dewpoint team, because we’ve already been talking about you, your work in P-bodies especially, but more broadly the role of RNA in condensates is something that we’ve been watching and are very excited in hearing about. And today, you’ll be talking about mRNA storage in P-bodies.

Mark (00:00:38):
Dominique has also published on some helicases, which are also topics that come up pretty frequently these days in the condensate community. So, that might be another topic of discussion, as well. So, we thank you again for giving this lecture and you can take it away…

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