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SLAS Europe 2019: Innovative Technologies for Tomorrow’s Discoveries

Date June 26, 2019 - June 28, 2019
Website https://slaseurope2019.org/
Organizers SLAS — Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening
Venue Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona
Plaça de Willy Brandt, 11-14
Barcelona, 08019 Spain

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SLAS Europe 2019 offers participants an outstanding scientific programme that features first-class laboratory science and technology podium presentations from global industry leaders. Each podium presentation is hand selected by the SLAS Europe 2019 Scientific Programme Committee from hundreds of abstract submissions, which are rigorously reviewed. Presentations offer SLAS Europe 2019 participants compelling content and innovative perspectives on emerging laboratory technologies and drug discovery and development.

The SLAS Europe 2019 Scientific Programme features three educational tracks:


Track 1:  Advances in In Silico Drug Discovery

Predictive science and an exponential growth in computing power have created entire fields that would have been foreign to researchers 30 years ago. In Structure & Simulation, speakers will discuss models for compound solvation, screening fragment libraries for GPCR binding, and virtual screening of large Pharma collections. Data Science, Analytics, and Informatics discusses the integration of data across the development cycle; using clinical and biomarker findings to improve the way chemists design drugs and biologists develop new animal models. This session will also dive into case studies, showing how researchers overcame issues of data curation, management, and technical hurdles. Computational Methods to Optimise and Interpret Biology looks at how discovery and analysis of new bioactives led to improved data models and assays, which in turn produced better molecules in a virtuous cycle.

  • Session – Structure and Simulation
  • Session – Data Science, Analytics, and Informatics
  • Session – Computational Approaches for Interpreting Phenotypic Data

Track 2: Advances in Experimental Drug Discovery

Once you’ve made your compound library or edited cell line, what next? And how do you ensure you’re looking at the right targets? In Advances in Biophysical and Bioanalytical Techniques, researchers discuss techniques such as fluorescence microscopy, CETSA, and off-target profiling to improve compound selection, ideally in label-free contexts. New Approaches in Target Discovery thinks through difficult diseases such as diabetes, liver cancer, and other proliferative diseases. And Screening in Disease Relevant models uses two cutting-edge technologies – human-derived iPSCs and organoid models – to attack diseases like tuberculosis and cancer.

  • Session – Screening in Disease Relevant Models
  • Session – New Approaches in Target Discovery
  • Session – Advances in Biophysical and Bioanalytical Technologies

Track 3: Advances in Laboratory Automation Technology

If you want consistent, comparable data, and to scale your lab or company’s efforts, automation is key. The Rise of MS in Early Drug Discovery examines a workhorse technology – mass spectroscopy – whose sensitivity and adaptability land it in a variety of critical roles, such as imaging, high-throughput screening, and tissue typing. Next-Generation High-Content Bioimaging uses 3D (and 4D!) technologies like high-content screening and machine learning to produce personalized, phenotypically-targeted cell models and more complex assays. Finally, Automation and High-Throughput Technologies dives into automating workflows and improving human-machine interactions, through deft robotics, interface development, microfluidics, and high-content screening case studies.

  • Session – The Rise of Mass Spectroscopy in Early Drug Discovery
  • Session – Next Generation High-Content Bioimaging – Phenotypic Discovery
  • Session – Automation and High-Throughput Technologies

Track 4: Careers, Business and Technology: Explore the Opportunities

  • Session – A Day in the Life Of…
  • Session – Disruptive Ideas and Technologies
  • Session – Pitching Ideas to Big Pharma Companies

Keynote Sessions

Keynote sessions showcase global industry experts, offering intriguing insights into the trends and technologies changing our industry and our lives. The SLAS Europe 2019 programme features the following keynote sessions:

  • Keynote Session – Peptides for Molecular Recognition and Brain Delivery
  • Keynote Session – Insect Biotechnology, an Emerging Field with Great Economic Potential
  • Keynote Session – Natural Intelligence – Building the Future on Millions of Years of Expertise