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Date September 7, 2022 - September 9, 2022
Website https://lss2022.epfl.ch/
Organizers École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Venue EPFL Rolex Learning Center
Rte Cantonale
Lausanne, 1015 Switzerland

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We will celebrate our 20 years of existence. The Symposium will honor life sciences in the context of a technical university; reflect on the key developments in the last 20 years in life sciences; and look out to the next two decades of opportunities of multidisciplinary life sciences, bioengineering and the impact of our work on society.

Session 1 | Cell biology and mechanics

  • Buzz Baum – Evolution of cell division: from archaea to eukaryotes
  • Julie Theriot – Mechanics of cell migration
  • Sophie Martin – Mechanisms of cell-cell fusion
  • David van Valen – Everything as code

Session 2 | Stem cells and cancer genomics

  • Fiona Doetsch – Stem cells in the adult brain: Regulation and diversity
  • Michelle Monje – Neuron-glial interactions in health and disease: From cognition to cancer
  • Mike Stratton – Mutational processes in normal human tissue

Session 3 | Organisms navigating a changing environment

  • Moi Expósito-Alonso – The genomics of climate adaptation (and extinction)
  • Leslie Vosshall – Neurobiology of the world’s most dangerous animal
  • Manu Prakash
  • Ken Oye – Governing risks and benefits of biotechnology: Exemplary cases and cautionary tales
  • Session 4 | From the origin of animals to brain function

  • Nicole King – A history of hypotheses on the origin of animals
  • Caroline Uhler – Causality, perturbations, gene regulation, and drug repurposing
  • Rafael Yuste – Can you see a thought? Neuronal ensembles as emergent units of cortical function

Session 5 | Deciphering sub-cellular assemblies

  • Tony Hyman – Biomolecular condensates and their implications for cell physiology (remote tbc)
  • Gaia Pigino – Structural cell biology of cilia and eukaryotic flagella
  • Ron Vale – Structure of the sperm axoneme
  • Melina Schuh – Illuminating the beginning of life (remote)

Session 6 | Embryogenesis and animal evolution

  • Barbara Treutlein – Human organoid development through the lens of single-cell technologies
  • Pavel Tomancak – Evolution of morphogenesis
  • Sean Carroll – Butterfly Spots and Rattlesnake Tales: The Evolution of Novelty

Session 7 | Immunity and microbiota

  • Lluis Quintana-Murci – Darwin meets Pasteur: evolutionary genetics dissection of human immunity
  • Joel Doré – Host-Microbes symbiosis in human nutrition and medicine
  • Eran Elinav – Host microbiome interactions in health and disease

Session 8 | Engineering biological systems

  • Ed Boyden – Optical tools for analyzing and controlling biological systems
  • Cori Bargmann – Integrating behavior across timescales (remote)
  • Michael Elowitz – Multicellular circuit design: natural and synthetic