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VIRTUAL: India|EMBO Lecture Course: RNA binding proteins: From RNA binding to condensation and aggregation

Date February 8, 2022 - February 11, 2022
Website https://meetings.embo.org/event/21-rna
Organizers European Molecular Biology Organization
Location Online

About the India-EMBO Lecture Course

The recent development of both transcriptome-wide and single-molecule technologies has dramatically improved our appreciation of the extent and complexity of post-transcriptional regulatory processes. At the core of these processes are RNA binding proteins (RBPs) that recognize target mRNAs, recruit catalytic complexes and package RNA molecules into RNP complexes. Recent studies have revealed their diversity, their capacity to establish dynamic high-order interaction networks and their extensive role in disease progression.

The main objectives of this India|EMBO Lecture Course are to provide students with a multi-scale view on the emerging roles and regulatory modes of RBPs, and to present them a range of complementary approaches currently developed and used to address their functions. Lecturers will explain how they study RBP and their interactions with RNA at different scales including structural analysis of RBP-RNA interactions, bioinformatics-based transcriptome-wide analyses, biochemical principles of RNP condensates, dynamic analysis of RNA translation, decay or transport. This India|EMBO Lecture Course also includes workshops, where speakers will discuss their latest technological developments in transcriptomic approaches, quantitative imaging or reconstituted systems. Together, this course will be a great opportunity for young participants to exchange ideas with invited speakers and will provide a rich multidisciplinary environment, fostering stimulating long-lived interactions.