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Lindsay Case on Membrane-Associated Condensates and Signal Transduction

Event Date March 2, 2022
10:00 am - 11:00 am - EST
Organizers Dewpoint Condensates.com
Location Online

Many biomolecular condensates can associate with or even nucleate from cellular membranes. Research in my lab is focused on understanding how phase separation regulates signal transduction at the plasma membrane. We find that phase separation of cytosolic adaptor proteins promotes the formation of focal adhesions, micron-sized signaling hubs for integrin receptors. In this talk, I will be discussing how we use biochemical reconstitutions of compositionally complex condensates to better understand cellular condensates. Through our investigation of focal adhesions, we have gained insight into the regulation of condensate composition, the ways in which membranes can influence condensate nucleation, and how kinase activity may be regulated by phase separation.

Talk by:
Lindsay Case
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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